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Release No. 2


Heat-Matured French STR Cask American Single Malt

Our journey began in 2015 with the idea to make world class single malt whisky in America…American Single Malt. As our whisky has been maturing, American Single Malt has slowly been making a name for itself. It is now poised to join the world of exceptional single malts from countries including Scotland, Japan, India, and Taiwan.

For our second  release – A–T – we hand selected unique French wine STR (shaved, toasted & rechared) casks for perfection, which have been patiently maturing on our estate in the Hudson Valley. We augmented their maturation with heat. When whisky is aging, it undergoes chemical reactions inside the barrel to produce the complex flavors we associate with single malt whisky. Heat acts as a catalyst for those chemical reactions, resulting in many more reactions in a shorter period of time.

Our second bottling is a wonderfully well-rounded whisky with sweet notes from the French STR casks, balanced with notes of spices and fruit, and a pleasantly long finish.

A–T will be available in limited supply.

American Single Malt: Curium

A – T

Batch No. 0002 with only 300 bottles
Heat-Matured, Non-chill Filtered
Cask Strength
56.4% abv


Rich sweet notes of honey and spices


Balanced sweetness, stone fruit compote, hint of fresh spices

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Discovery Series

A–T: Physiology/Medicine Nobel Prize Winner

A–T is the second release in our Discovery Series releases. As the first single malt-focused distillery in the Hudson Valley, we chose to honor trailblazers, scientists, and discoverers through the ages. Who better to inspire our next single malt than the trio of greatest pioneers in biophysics of all time, Franklin, Watson and Crick? It was determined that DNA consists of two chains twisted around each other, or double helixes, of alternating phosphate and sugar groups, and that the two chains are held together by hydrogen bonds between pairs of organic bases—adenine (A) with thymine (T), and guanine (G) with cytosine (C). Franklin (1920–1958), who died from cancer at the age of 37, was not honored because she died before the Nobel Prize was awarded.

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Autographed Bottle

Pay a visit to the distillery to pick up your bottle of the very first exclusive Discovery Series limited release of Curium, signed by both the owner and master distiller.